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The Haunted Basement

I have a monster hidden in my basement, for a while I tried to conceal it, but he wants to be seen. He arrived just a couple of days after I decided to focus on my ghost story and he refuses to go.

I was busy typing two weeks ago when I noticed some laundry that was out of place, since that day I promised that I wouldn't distract myself from my work, I didn't pay much attention to it. Soon the dirty clothes keep moving by themselves, they kept piling on top of my desk until it was hard to ignore, the pile took over my working area, and I had to continue my work on the kitchen table.

This story might sound exaggerated, but the pile doubled in size by the next week. My family feared him for a while because it kept growing and growing with the days until he acquired a voice of his own. Sometimes when I'm by my self at home,  I  swear I can hear him calling my name,  I can hear him screaming at the top of his lungs (if he has any) telling me to go down and confront him,  but I r…